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The Best American Sports Writing, an anthology published by Houghton Mifflin, presents 20 outstanding sports stories that appeared during the previous year. Six of my stories have been chosen for the prestigious collection:

"Duel in the Sun"

The story of Alberto Salazar, Dick Beardsley, and the 1982 Boston Marathon

"Team Hoyt Starts Again"

An intimate look at the amazing, inspiring father-son duo

"Following Terry Fox"

The legendary man who ran halfway across Canada on a prosthetic leg


"Close to Home"
Jenny Crain went out for a routine run one morning, and her life changed forever 

"Frank's Story"

The hidden, heartbreaking story behind the father of the running boom

"Zilong Wang and the Cosmic Tale of the White Dragon Horse and the Karmic Moonbeams of Destiny that Restored All Faith in Humanity"
A young man from China pedals into the heart of America

Some of my stories that aren't about sports:

"Unemployment: The Theme Park"  

A Rust Belt city reimagined.


"Lucky Junki"
The samurai King of Costco  

"What One Man Can Do"

What one man can do for Pittsburgh


"The Dimensions of Ping Fu"
A remarkable woman rises out of China 

Stories that contributed to the national conversation:


"The Marriage that Led to the Russian Track Team's Olympic Ban"
A saga of Russia. 

"The Confessions of Eddy Hellebuyck"

An American doper confesses 

"Playing Dirty"
The Tour de France scandal.

Tales of adventure and endurance:


The ballad of Mirna Valerio  

"So you're a Young Black South African and You Want to Sail Around the World"
The title says it all


"The Volcano Runners"
Running and the soul of Mexico


"Dave Scott, Mere Mortal"
A portrait of the original Ironman 


"Regarding Eddy Merckx"
A profile of the world's greatest cyclist

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